We specialize in the development, manufacture and supply of the cable fittings in Russia and the near abroad.

LLC SFC ERG offers heat shrinkable products of the highest quality providing full sealing and excellent insulating properties. Heat shrinkable joints have high mechanical strength, resistance to the environment, ultraviolet radiation, and also produced of materials that do not spread buring with reduced gas and smoke emission, in the performance of ng-LS.

Main production

Heat shrink connecting and termial joints of inner and outer instalation voltage up to 10 kV for connection and termination of one three fore and five cored cables with paper and plactic insulation and also for the cables with the XLPE insulation

Every heat shrink joint are equipped of products of their own production

The heat shrink terminal joints of inner and outer instalation voltage up to 10 kV included are equipped of fortitude cored tubes that no spread burning with reduces gas and smoke emission

A strong manufacturing base

The company has production facilities, equipment and qualified personnel. The current product quality control system allows us to produce cables that fits to standarts of the regulatory documents

According to customer reviews our products are easy to install, reliable and have high performance

  • The products were successfully tested in accordance with GOST (State Standarts) 13781.0-86, GOST 10434-82, and obtain certificates of conformity no. ROSS RU.AJ26. N01203 for cables with paper and plastic insulation, ROSS RU.AJ26.I01202 for cable with XLPE insulation. 
  • The management quality system of the company SFC  ERG  LLC of GOST R ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) is confirmed by the certificate no. ROSS RU.OSH01.OS08.QMS.00107

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